In Loving Memory of Mckenna Marquis

This song was written for a very special girl I had the privilege of having in my life. Mckenna was 16 when she passed away after a diagnosis and short prognosis of a very rare form of juvenile A.L.S. She was my piano student and she and her family went to the church where I led worship. She and I were two peas in a pod.  We were both adopted from Oklahoma. We both loved dolphins and the ocean.  We both loved horses and were not fond of birds.  She spoke with no filter and said exactly what she was thinking. She was my mini-me.  She loved making others happy.  She was witty and her smile was contagious.

She thought my music partner at the time and I were rock start.  I had told her a while back that we were going to write a song just for her.  I would go see her quite a bit and would take Fletcher, my dog (who loved her so much) with me.  One day when I went over to visit her and see her new wheelchair (souped up I might add) she looked at me and said "Miss Nicki, you said you were going to write a song for me, remember?"  She had a look that said "do it now..there's not much time."  I wrote this song on the way home from her house, voice memoed it on my phone and had her listen to it two days later.  

Mckenna was awarded a cruise with the Make A Wish Foundation and as you can see, she cherished that time! 

Some time has passed but still recording this song was emotional.  Mckenna was the epitome of strength emotionally and her spirit was fierce.  She was a warrior. I find it only fitting that her memory be a part of my STRONGER project.  I love and miss you Mckenna. You will always be in my heart!